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2012-07-19 10:31:44 *BABY of the house (Sharon Ayomikun Korede Aanuoluwapo) in PIX

*Born October 7, 2011

*We bless God...


You Must Be SAVED!

All have sinned.

You are a sinner.

Wages of Sin is death


It Pays To Serve Jesus!

The *Lord’s answer v18 Then the *Lord will be careful for his land. He will be kind to his people. v19 He will answer them and he will say, ‘I am giving you new *wine and food and oil. You will have enough to fill you up.

I will never again let people in other countries laugh about you. v20 I will send the army from the north far from you. I will push it into empty land where nothing grows. I will make the front of it go into the sea on the east. And I will make the back of it go into the sea on the west. I will make its smell rise up high because it has done great things.’ v21 Be not afraid, land in Israel.

Be very happy. Be sure that the *Lord has done great things. v22 Do not be afraid, wild animals. The fields are becoming green. Fruit is growing on the trees. The *fig tree and the *vine are giving much fruit. v23 Be happy, people in *Zion! *Rejoice in the *Lord your God. He has given you just enough autumn rain. He has given you the winter rain, and the summer rain, as before. v24 He will fill your stores with seeds to make bread.

And he will fill your jars with new *wine and oil. v25 ‘I will give you back the years that the *locusts have eaten. I will give you all that the great *locust and the young *locust, and other *locusts and their groups have eaten. All that my great army has eaten I will give you. v26 You will have plenty to eat. You will be full. You will *praise the name of the *Lord your God. He has done great things for you. My people will never again be ashamed. v27 Then you will know that I am in Israel. You will know that I am your God. And you will know that there is no other God. My people will never again be ashamed.’

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From the Altar
In The Marriage Supper of the Lamb, WE SHALL BE THERE!
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